* 360 LONDON
* 360 NEW YORK

* 360 PARIS

Devised, originated and shot by Nick Wood.
Published by Carlton books in the UK, Abrams in the US and Canada and GRUND in France.

They are available at good bookshops or via the web at www.amazon.com.
These books show my personal view of the cities through its architecture and the spirit and lives of its inhabitants, in a collection of 360 degree images.
Each 360 degrees image puts you at the centre of the scene whether it is inside a London taxi, amongst the trucks of a New York firehouse or perched on the rooftops on the banks of the River Seine.

Images from these cities can also be explored by using a Mac & PC compatible CD rom included in each book.
Using a simple downloadable programme called “quicktime” (at www.quicktime.com) click on the sample movies and explore.
Click on the book jackets below to see a quick preview of some of the pages.
The “ISBN”UK book reference numbers are:

New York ISBN 1-84222-771-8
London ISBN 1-84222-772-6
Paris ISBN 1-84442-700-5